What is it to be broken

And still to walk

A staggering distance

To never fall

From faltering steps

Onto softer ground

Lips without questions

Voice without answers

Faith without end




What it is to be broken

And still to walk.


There is proof in this universe alone
In the lack of life and warmth its shown
The sole truth that cringing souls must learn
That heat may singe but vast cold will burn
That this is no place for love or peace
That only pain and horrors increase
That its harder to breathe than simply drown
Ephemerally up, eternally down.

The End of Everything

Wittgenstein said something like ‘the world of the happy man is not that of the happy man’. I’ve always agreed with that, though I never knew what he actually meant.

But it is a supreme comment about the nature of human subjectivity. A single element can change. and instantly nothing is the same. And, being human, happiness/satisfaction is key.

But, I also believe, the world of the unhappy man is unlike anything else.